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Onsite or Remote Technical Support Our core business is Support. So we have perfected the art of supporting many businesses across a wide area by utilising either onsite or remote support methods.

Our onsite service is simple, you call us for help and we're there on time every time.

Our remote service can be setup permanently, or temporarily, it depends upon your needs and how often you need it.

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Computer Systems We can custom build a system to suit your specific needs. From Student machines to serious gamers. We only use the best components and deliver and install the system for FREE.

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Microsoft As a major benefit for business, we can source, or custom build a server solution to suit your needs. From File & Print servers, to Exchange and Web Servers. If you have a need for a Server we can help.

We can also setup a remote access system so your staff can work from home, or on the road securely.

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Virus / Spyware Protection & Removal One of the biggest problem faced by small business users and home users these days is Spyware and Virus attacks. We specialise in cleaning these problems from computer systems in the minimal amount of time, and for a FIXED PRICE.

We can also provide advice on how you can protect your own systems, and also provide the software to achieve this.

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Broadband Internet Solutions See our Broadband Page for details.
Cable & Wireless Networking Networks give you access to the internet, servers and other users, so if it fails your on your own. We can help you by troubleshooting the problem and fixing it.

We can also design and install a new network, or upgrade your existing network.

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Data Security & Off-site Backups Today, security is more important than ever, so we have devise processes that ensure your entire system is safe and secure. From protecting your Server to making sure your data is safe in the event of a catastrophic failure.

In the event of a theft or fire, you can't afford to loose your business data. We can setup and manage an off-site backup system so that if something does happen, your data is safe and can be restored as quick as possible.

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Hardware & Software To support our clients, we are able to source and provide a wide range of Hardware and Software. If you need a particular piece of equipment or a software application, please ask us and see how competitive we can be.

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